Jesus and the Ufos.

I was trying to figure out the first line to a short story about Jesus hanging out with some aliens…any ideas?

“Don’t Taze Me, Bro!” uttered the Son of God as the light troopship from Aldebaran touched down in the flattened wheat field.Jesus wouldn’t be afraind of no aliens, that’s for sure. Jesus wasn’t even afraid of dinosaurs. Most people would run from a T-Rex, but not Jesus. A T-Rex rolls up, Jesus just looks at it, and it bends down on one knee, puts out a spindly little vestigal arm fro Jesus to get a lift up, and then the T-Rex is the Son of God’s faithful mount.

The aliens roll in. Jesus rides up on a T-Rex and is all like “‘sup?”

Jesus could feel water moving underground like the Talking Heads Once in a Lifetime.

About reluctantprodigal

Born in Detroit. Naturalist writer-thinker-poet living in the Greenbelt around Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.
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