Shetland Ponies are even meaner than Koala Bears.

“Precious the Shetland Pony”
Them shetlands are mean lil’ sons o bitches…there was a tow-truck driver lives around me had a few and he regaled once as he towed my truck home all about how mean and ornery they are. I remembered it almost verbatim because it was so funny:”Oh they’re worse than damn goats…I should know, I’ve kept both.” he said, ” I’ve kept every kind of chicken, cow, cat, dog, horse, pony, sheeps, goats you’d care to name and I never encountered a meaner-natured so-called “domesticated” animal inall my life than the goddamn minature pony! Cute as all hell but useless with hearts blacker than sin! My wife made me get this one called “Precious”  for the kids and it was worse thing I ever did. Even the kids won’t go near “Precious”  it’s so mean. “Oh they’re so cute! Oh they’re so adorable!” Bullshit. You can’t ride em, you can barely pet ’em, and all you can do is feed ’em, and they’re the most ungrateful creatures for even that, this one I’m stuck with  keeps trying to bite me when I take the hay out there…I sit there and try to stare Precious down “listen I’m the one that FEEDS You! I’m your papa!” but it just stares back at me with them meany beady eyes, waiting for me to stick my hand out so it can bite and take a chunk out of it!”

About reluctantprodigal

Born in Detroit. Naturalist writer-thinker-poet living in the Greenbelt around Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.
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